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In the Hoop Feltie Face Elephant


Tear away stabilizer
Craft felt
Tiny scissors
Hot glue gun and glue stick


First hoop only the stabilizer and make the die line.







Next, cut out two pieces of felt and place over the die line. While your machine stitches out the redwork outline lightly hold the felt in place. Follow the thread changes and stitch out the feltie.






Cut around the elephant leaving an eighth of an inch border or less.







Now dab a bit of hot glue on the feltie and place it on your barrette cover. Let it dry a few minutes and you're done!

2 thoughts on “In the Hoop Feltie Face Elephant

  1. Do you have to use two layers for the feltie? Wouldn’t it be too heavy? TIA

    1. It is not too heavy. You can try with only one piece but I personally think it’s a bit too floppy.

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