Today our son Marion turns two and we want you to celebrate with us! This is big time, two years!?! I cannot believe we've made it with our sanity in tact. Our son is real sweet and super fun but NEVER sleeps. Like most people out there he loves cake! So today we decided on the free design being cake and candles. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we have. The stitching is amazing, the icing is wonderfully different and creates a fancy and professionally decorated look! Switch up the colors and create something all your own.

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The Birthday Cake Candles Number Set Includes a PDF Color Sheet and Numbers 0 - 9 Plus a Bonus Normal Candle each Design to fit a 4X4 Hoop. Choose your format below.

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3 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Marion!! What a super special age. They grow up so very fast.
    Thank you for your generosity with the daily freebies. I’m relatively new to your site and think it is absolutely fantastic!!!

    1. Thanks a ton! It is going by too fast! I cannot believe I had a little peanut in my arms two years ago?!? And now he is so big and independent.