Make a home special with this darling free embroidery design. The Home Sweet Home machine embroidery looks great framed or stitched on linens. Download it free for today only!

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The Home Sweet Home Design includes PDF color sheet and three sizes to fit 4X4 5X7 and 6X10 Hoops

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for the free designs. I missed yesterdays and almost missed todays because of the free file download thingy… could not figure out yesterday how to get the pattern without having to download PDF creator. today after much frustration I did find a way to do it. I won’t download any new things like that to my machine, too many bad results from the past. I really liked the way you had it before where I could just immediately click on the version of the design I wanted and go straight to download. I realize you need to do this to be able to offer the free pattens which is great for us on a limited budget. thanks again

    1. Hi Lawana!
      Thanks for the feedback. Nothing has changed with the download process you just have to first chose the design you wish to download, click on it, then it takes you to the same page as before where you can just choose your file type and download it.