Today we continue our Free Easter Embroidery Design giveaways with a fantastic Easter Bunny with Egg Monogramming Font Set. Preparing you for the upcoming Holiday this Monogramming Font Set is a great addition to stitch on towels, table mats or anything to personalize your Easter diner setting. This amazing set includes all letters of the alphabet plus numbers zero through nine as well as a blank to use your own font. Get it today only before it's gone forever.

Be sure to join us all week at we have lots of exiting plans to celebrate Easter and you wont want to miss a day.

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The Easter Bunny Monogramming Font Set includes all letters and numbers to fit a 4 X 4 Hoop. Choose your format below. Note: this file is not available in SEW


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  1. Thank you so much for the added treat to my day when I go and see a free design!!!! It is appreciated!!