I love all things embroidery but sometimes it can be a big pain in the butt when you are trying to embellish on jean pockets, a plain messenger bag or really anything awkward. Ripping seams and then sewing the seams back together, ugh!  No thank you! My answer is patches. I love patches. They are versatile and fun, and can be stitched out and then ironed on, awesome, right? All you need is Sulky Brand Ultra Solvy water stabilizer, some canvas or any thick material and Patch Attach or Heat'n Bond Ultra

1. Hoop the Ultra Solvy, this will create an extra firm and thick, unseeable stabilizer.

2. With the patches from BlastoStitch.com , the machine will stitch a die line (as in an applique)

3 Cut a peice of canvas to fit the die line and lay it over

4 The machine will stitch a Tackdown

5 Cut out the design as close to the stitches as possible

6 The machine will stitch out the design

7 Cut around the patch

8 If there is any stabilizer left soak the patch in hot water

To make it iron on:

With Patch Attach:  Apply a patch glue around the entire patch and apply to desired fabric. Let dry. Once dry, iron without steam for at least one minute.

With Heatn Bond Ultra Hold: cut an approximate size of the patch. Place patch backside to backside with the Heatn Bond and iron the pact. once it is melty then cooled trim the unused Heatn Bond.