These in the hoop masks are super fun! You can create an easy DIY costume in a snap, so if you are a procrastinator like I am these sure come in handy. All of our masks come in two sizes so they are perfect for little ones and adults. These are made entirely in the hoop and just need a bit of elastic or ribbon to stay on. We use craft foam as the base and wouldn’t suggest anything over 2mm thick.

Craft Foam 2mm thick
Tear Away Stabilizer
Fabric: The skies the limit! We have used cotton, lame, craft felt and even canvas.
Elastic or Ribbon


Hoop the tear away stabilizer and sew step one. This is the die line for entire project.







Place the foam over the die line. Cut it a bit larger than the die line.







Next, place your fabric over the craft foam.







Now sew step two. This is the tack down for the entire project. Cut the excess fabric around the fox and in the eyes. Leave the foam in tact.






Next sew step three which is the dieline for the second fabric.







Next place the second fabric over the project.








Now sew step four which is the tack down of the second fabric. Cut the excess fabric.






For our mask we chose to not do any of the color changes and leave them all dark brown. But it is all up to you! Sew step five which is the stitched part of the ears and the nose. Step six is the satin stitch around the tan fabric or the lower part of the face. Step seven is the satin stitching around the orange part of the fabric. Step eight is the satin stitching around the eyes and the holes for the elastic or ribbon. And there you have it, an instant costume!