I love wristlets, they are convenient, practical and fun! I use them constantly as a wallet, a clutch or just another cute makeup bag. I designed this in the hoop wristlet to be as easy as possible so everyone can enjoy the fun of an in the hoop mini carry-all.


Tear away stabilizer
Zipper- 7 inches long (can be longer) plastic teeth
Ribbon almost any width 4″
Spray adhesive
Thin cotton batting
Fabric (all pressed):
2- 5 x 7 pieces of main fabric
2- 5 x 7 pieces of lining fabric
2- 5" x 7" pieces of batting
2- 2" x 2" pieces of main fabric pressed into a 1 x 2 rectangle
2- 2" x 2" pieces of lining fabric pressed into a 1 x 2 rectangle
1- 2" x 7" piece of fabric for applique

First hoop the stabilizer and sew step 1. This will create placement markings for the zipper, all of the 2 x 2 pieces of fabric and the main fabric.

Spray a tiny bit of adhesive to the 2 x 2 piece of lining fabric and place it fold side towards the center over the small lines so the fold is just over the line. Do this with both pieces, one on each side.
Now place the zipper between the two narrow lines over the lining fabric and tape on both ends. Unzip half way then tape the zipper closed.
Next spray the pieces of 2 x 2 main fabric and place them fold towards the middle over the zipper directly over the lining pieces. Then stitch step 2 and 3 to tack down the pieces of fabric and the zipper.
Now place the main fabric right side down with a 7'' side even with the lower zipper placement line. The fabric should be even with the main body placement line. The fabric should be over the zipper so after it is stitched it will fold down to create a nice seam.
Now place the lining fabric directly over the main fabric. Then stitch step 4, this will stitch the fabric to the zipper stopping halfway through to move the zipper back. My machine did not want to stitch over the zipper pull so I pulled the fabric up after I stopped the machine and removed the tape and zipped it up.
Bring down the lining fabric and place one of the pieces of batting directly on top of it.
Next bring down the main fabric and stitch step 5. This will be the die line for the applique piece. Then lay the applique piece over and stitch step 6 the tack down. If using contrasting or light colored fabrics you might want to double the applique fabric to avoid being see through. Trim, then stitch step 7 which is the satin stitch. Now sew step 8 which is the letter and then sew step 9 which is the frame design.
Take the ribbon fold in half and place on the left just below the zipper and tape cut ends just outside the design area with the folded end facing in.
Making sure the zipper is half way open place the remaining main fabric right side down directly over the project with the 7" side even with the top zipper placement line.
Then layer the batting over the main fabric then the lining over the batting.
Now stitch step 10, the final tack down. Again, my machine did not like stitching over the pull so I stopped it halfway through to move the zipper but do not zip it all the way closed. This is how you will turn it right side after the tack down is complete.